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Flowers come in different kinds and sizes. This also counts for bouquets. At Regiobloemist we have the most beautiful bouquets that hold a variation of different flowers. A bouquet can depend on your taste of flowers. Whatever your taste may be, we will always offer something that will suit you. We have the most amazing flowers and offer you a very wide range of fresh flowers.

A bouquet of flowers

Putting a bouquet of flowers in your house can create a nice atmosphere. Of course it's very important that you have a beautiful and fresh bouquet. Not every florist offers this. At Regiobloemist we only offer you fresh flowers. We only have the best and beautiful fresh flowers that are on the market and give you a 7 days fresh guarantee on all our bouquets. You can buy a bouquet for multiple reasons. As written above you can buy it for your own home or as a present.

Delivering a bouquet in the Netherlands

Ordering a bouquet is very popular nowadays. At Regiobloemist we have a quick delivery. You can order today and in many cases the receiver will receive your order the same day. With this service we offer, we are one of the fastests in our field. You can always add a small present to your delivery. With this you can surprise your friend / partner even more. Or you can add an affordable vase for yourself. Regiobloemist is the company to buy your fresh flowers from and that shows!

We even have artificial flowers at Regiobloemist

Not everybody has the time to nurture their flowers. For some of us it's the perfect solution to use artificial flowers. Artificial ones last a long time and ask for hardly any maintenance. If you don't want to attend your flowers take a look at our artificial flower. Our artificial bouquets are from the highest quality. They are composed just as creative as the real bouquets. And our artificial flowers are just as great as the real thing.