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Tropical indoor plants

When you want to surprise someone with a brightened living room, the easiest idea is of course a plant. Tropical plants are the most desirable plants for people when they want to brighten up their living room. In addition, you are always in the right place with a plant as a gift. Tropical plants are plants that cannot survive outside in our climate. These plants are used to the tropics and everything that entails. So if you want to give someone something from the tropics as a gift, a tropical plant is the best idea. You can order tropical plants at Regiobloemist.

Gift your order

We try to make ordering tropical plants through Regiobloemist as fun as possible. If you want to completely unpack for someone, it is of course very nice to have an extra gift delivered with your order. At Regiobloemist you can choose from various nice extra gifts, making your surprise even more special than it already is. So don't surprise your favorite person with just an Orchid, Pineapple plant or a flamingo plant, but unpack and have a matching pot delivered as well. This way, the plant can shine in the house of your loved one right from the moment of delivery. In addition to a matching pot, you can also choose to add delicious chocolate or a nice bottle of wine to your order. Ordering tropical plants has never been so much fun!

How much does it cost to order tropical plants?

You can order tropical plants from us from €15.99 and our prices go up to €39.99. Prices vary per plant and sometimes also per colour. The standard shipping costs are € 6.95. In addition, our aim is 'ordered today before 4 p.m., next day delivery'. Fast service, good delivery and good prices.

Order a card at tropical plants

Besides our extra gifts that you can add to, we also give you the option to add a card to your order. On this card you can write exactly why you think the recipient deserves a beautiful plant. Our deliverers do not provide information about the orderer to the recipient. So if you want the recipient to know that the plant comes from you, it is wise to put your name on the card. If you are a secret admirer you can of course omit that.