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Plant bundle

If you ever had plants in your home, you are probably familiar with how difficult it can be to find a nice plant that fits in your home, is easy to care for and is also beautiful. At Regiobloemist we know all too well how difficult it can be to purchase or order plants. As a result, we have put together a number of plant packages that should make this stress of choice easier. This way we can still ensure that your interior gets a tropical look.

Order a plant bundle in three steps

Ordering plant packages at Regiobloemist is very simple.

1. Choose your favorite plant bundle

2. Add a small gift if you want

3. Fill in the order details

Have plant bundles delivered

Due to our direct cooperation with various growers, sending your plant package is easy and fast. At the grower, the plants from the plant bundle are packed well and neatly in one box and they are given a little more water so that they are ready for the journey. Your plant package is then passed on to the package deliverer. This delivery ultimately arrives at the recipient's door with a smile.

What types of plant bundles?

We put together our plant bundles per category. For example, the plants in our Easy Air Plant bundle purify the air. These plants provide less dry air and more oxygen in your home. In addition, for example, the Tropical Plant Package, the name says it all, is filled with three tropical plants. All three of these plants are easy to care for and require a little attention about once a week. The easiest plant bundle we have selected is the Plant Fat Pack. This plant pack is the easiest to maintain of all the bundles we have. We also have the Green Heart Plant bundle, which is also air-purifying and easy to care for. The Tutti Frutti bundle with a pineapple plant and a banana plant and finally the Pretty Green bundle. This bundle also has an air-purifying effect and is easy to care for.

Why a pot with holes?

The best for plants is actually a pot with holes. When you place a saucer under the pot, the saucer collects the excess water. If you don't have a pot with holes, the excess water will continue to accumulate in the bottom of the pot. This can eventually cause root rot.

When do you use hydro grains?

Hydro granules are used for absorbing water. If you don't have a pot with holes in the bottom, it is wise to put hydro granules in the bottom of the pot. The hydro granules absorb excess water and ensure that they give the water to the plant when the plant needs it. This prevents you from giving a plant too much water. When a plant gets too much water, it can cause root rot. So you can prevent root rot as much as possible when you put hydro granules in the bottom of the pot.

Order plant food for your plants

When you purchase plant bundles, you naturally want them to remain beautiful and healthy for as long as possible. In addition to watering the plants on time and properly, plant food can also play a major role in keeping your package healthy.

When you give your plants Pokon Houseplants Nutrition, your plants will grow and bloom extra. Make sure you shake well before use and that you feed your plants once a week. Do this by filling one cap per liter of water and adding that to the plant. This way your plants will last longer and bloom more beautifully.

Which plants from the bundles are poisonous?

The Pachira, or the money tree, is slightly poisonous. It is not a great danger to children or animals, but if it has been ingested, always call the doctor or vet to do a check-up. The money tree is included in the Easy Air Plant Pack and in the Pretty Green Plant Pack.

When you take a Spatiphylium, or a spoon plant, into your home, it is very important to know that this plant is very poisonous. So it is better not to bring this plant into your home if you have children or pets. If something has been ingested from the spoon plant, it is very important to call the doctor immediately and to indicate what has happened.

You can of course also deliver flowers as a gift instead of a plant bundle.