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Would you like to surprise or comfort someone but do you lack the words? Present him or her a Sunflower as a gift from Regiobloemist. Sometimes it can be very hard to find the right words when somebody is in need of comfort. A sunflower can be an ideal gift in these situations. A flower sometimes says more then 1000 words can! Options enough at Regiobloemist, so don’t hesitate to see what we can do for you.

Symbol of power

You can order each flower separately at Regiobloemist who has a special meaning. So also with the sunflower! Sunflowers are seen by many as a symbol for strength. But that’s not the only keyword that’s linked at this flower. Admiration and loyalty are other meanings that are awarded to this bright yellow flower.

Ordering sunflowers at Regiobloemist?

Different as with roses and tulips, you cannot order sunflowers in different colours or lengths. There is only one sunflower in the world, you can recognize it by its bright yellow flower leaves, dark brown inside and the long stem. Even though we have variations available at Regiobloemist. When the power of giving flowers lies within the simplicity for you? Deliver then the Sunflower Bouquet Zonnebloem Boeket at your beneficiary. This bouquet is filled -except for a few green leaves- only with sunflowers.

When summer's just around the corner and you wanna wish your friend a great holiday? With our Summer´s Field Bouquet Zomers veldboeket his or her holiday is off to a good start. This field bouquet doesn't only hold sunflowers; roses and lisianthus are also part of this cheerful flower arrangement!

The Regiobloemist: specialist in brightening up!

Do you order a bouquet of flowers at Regiobloemist? Then you can count on 7 days fresh guarantee. This means that our delivered flowers need to look good for 1 week. As our name suspects we deliver flowers in the whole of Holland. From Sneek to Sittard-Geleen and from Heerlen to Haarlem: we are your florist for every region!