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Charity flowers

Are you socially well educated and involved? Then Regiobloemist makes it possible for you to support a good cause with no extra costs, you support them for free. Every quarter we transfer €1,50 per sold ( Charity Bouquet) to your chosen charity. Like this it costs you nothing extra but you still support a good cause. So isn't this fantastic?

The Regiobloemist works together with a few, but very important charities. So if you want to support a charity and contribute to a better world? Pick one of the bouquets from the below list and reward yourself and someone else!

Help Dog Foundation Holland

Help Dog Foundation Holland is one of the charities that's supported by Regiobloemist. This foundation is committed to help dissabled people who are not able to help themselves and can really need the help from a trained dog. This foundation has several dogs available. These 4 legged friends are trained to accompany people who may suddenly have a epileptic seizure, while other dogs know how to deal with someone who is suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSS).

Dutch Foundation for the Handicapt Child

The NSGK, Dutch Foundation for the Handicapt Child is very committed for youngsters in society who have a mental and or physical disability. The team behind this foundation supports projects to make sure that even disabled kids also have a childhood, without them feeling that they are different from the other youngsters.

Support the LifeBoats from KNRM

Our sea can be sometimes very rough, so somebody who is in the water and is in need of help has no choice . In such cases we can only rely on the KNRM. This foundation makes sure that whomever is in need in the water will be saved. Without the support of donations it is impossible to provide this service, so everything helps and is very welcome.