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Ordering your funeral wreath

Flowers and a funeral go together. With a beautiful funeral wreath or a great funeral arrangement of flowers you show your compassion. Funeral arrangements come in many colours and variations. So we believe you will find a funeral wreath that suits the deceased. Our wide range of funeral wreaths and funeral arrangements will have something for everyone.

If you have special needs or expectations you can always contact us. We can help you decide what's best and got together through your wishes. We will make what you have required. We hope we can help you to our best capabilities. Can't you seem to find anything you like in our funeral wreaths? Look at our funeral bouquets, funeral arrangements or sympathy bouquets.

Several funeral wreaths with a ribbon

You can order several funeral wreaths at Regiobloemist. We give you the possibility to add a ribbon to it. You can add this during the ordering process. Choose your funeral wreath and click on order. On the next page you can choose whether you want to add a ribbon. The text that needs to be on it, you can enter with ordering the card text.

The funeral wreath will be delivered personally by your local florist where we send the order. Flowers are a product of nature, so the funeral wreath can be slightly different from the picture. The wreaths are available in 3 different sizes, small, normal and big. You will choose on the product page the wanted size. You can have you funeral wreath delivered the next day.

Ordering your funeral wreath at Regiobloemist

We work together with more than 500 florists through the whole of Holland. So it's no problem if you want to order a funeral wreath and have it delivered on the other side of the country. You can simply place your order through our website, and we will send it to a local florist near the delivery address.

Also the delivery is done by the local florist. Because they are known in the area, the delivery process will go so much quicker. Payment is all handled through our website. You can pay by iDeal, Paypal, Credit card or invoice.

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Did you find your suiting funeral wreath? Order them directly at our website for a quick delivery. If you can't find anything that suits your expectations you can contact us directly. We are here to help you in these difficult times and to advise you in times of mourning.