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Easy to use indoor plants

Are you the type that can't be without plants, but forgets to take care of it in your house? Then the easy houseplants from Regiobloemist would be perfect for you. The plants that we have selected in the summary below don't require a lot of time or attention, and they won't die if you lose sight for a moment. Reward yourself with an easy houseplant!

Zamioculcas plant

The Zamioculcas plant doesn't grow in our region, but originated in another area. This green plant is originally from Tanzania, a land in the east of Africa that borders the Indian Ocean. Because the climate is very dry, the Zamioculcas plant is used to getting a minimum of water. This makes the plant very suitable as an easy houseplant, because it won't die straight away if you forget to water the Zamioculcas.

Pancake plant

The pancake plant has a very special name. The plant owes is name to the leaves, who look like little pancakes on a thin stem. Most of the plants all over the world do very well if they get watered all the time, but with this from origine Chinese plant it's just the opposite. The pancake plant will stay better in shape with just a little water. It prefers even less water than too much!

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