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Are you looking for a plant species that's unique in its kind? Take a look at the lily flower from Regiobloemist! We offer lilies in different colours. A bouquet of lilies flowers is great as decoration, but you can also have a few of them in a bouquet. The lily is a perennial that has a lot of similarities with the tulip but the difference between a lily and a tulip is that the lily doesn't have a separate skin that protects it from drying.

Buying Lily flowers at Regiobloemist

Do you want Lilies from the highest quality? Order them at Regiobloemist. We sell beautiful lilies for a sharp price. To make sure our customers receive the best lilies we offer a 7 day vase guarantee. Besides the quality we also have delivering on time highly valued.

Delivery from Regiobloemist

When you buy lilies at your local florist this can take a lot of time. It's so much easier when the best flowers are delivered at your doorstep, Regiobloemist makes this happen for all of their customers. We are known for our quick and easy delivery. You can also fill in the delivery date and time for delivery. We think buying of lelies was never more simple!

The lily as gift

A lot of people like Lilies a lot, this makes it an excellent gift for many occasions. So you can surprise your friend or partner with a great bouquet of lilies. You can also add a small gift when you order your bouquet. for example a good bottle of wine or some creamy chocolate. Because of our competitive prices it's affordable for everybody to surprise them with a great present. Our high quality and competitive prices are the reason why they all choose Regiobloemist.