Bouquets differ from the photo due to availability of the flowers by covid-19. We advise to take a the seasonal bouquet.

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A colorful bouquet filled with carnations

Best thing about the carnation is that it's available in many colours. So you can put a very colorful bouquet together with only one kind of flower. Through the wide variation and the fact that it stays fresh for a long time these species are very loved. Do you also want a beautiful bouquet filled with carnations, look at the range Regiobloemist has to offer. We have a very wide range and make a beautiful bouquet for you.

How to care for carnations

When you have ordered a bouquet filled with carnations of course you want to enjoy them as long as possible. Next to the 7 day vase guarantee you can also make sure they stay fresh longer. Therefore e is the vase of great importance. A vase of glass is in many cases the best option, because you can see the amount of water through what's left. The vase needs to be filled minimum with half the water, so check it daily if you need to add some water. Always use fresh water. Add the nutrition that comes with your flowers on delivery. Because you give them the best possible attention, your flowers from Regiobloemist will last much longer, more time to enjoy your carnations.

Ordering white carnations at Regiobloemist

At Regiobloemist we can offer you a wide range of many different colours of carnations. The whites are the most loved. The colour white goes with every interior. We can deliver you the most beautiful white carnations. Next to our best quality we also provide a quick delivery. So you never need to be without flowers and your house is always decorated. Are you looking for a beautiful bouquet of carnations? Stop looking and look at our available carnations!