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A mixed bouquet of flowers

A bouquet of flowers is mostly composed with different flowers. They also call it a mixed bouquet. The best part of a mixed bouquet is that they use striking species that will catch your attention straight away. At Regiobloemist we have the most special mixed bouquets available. Above that all our flowers are fresh and come with a 7 day vase guarantee.

A mixed bouquet

A mixed bouquet can vary with several mixed flowers. With us we can provide you for various combinations. Something that comes with every bouquet, is the care we put in every one of them. Every bouquet holds fresh flowers and is made with love. At Regiobloemist it's always great to know that you can count on an amazing bouquet. Our quick delivery is highly appreciated.

The quick delivery from Regiobloemist

At Regiobloemist we do all in our power to deliver you as quickly as possible from the most beautiful bouquets. If you order your flowers it's possible to have them delivered the same day. You need to order them before 2PM. Next to a quick delivery you can also choose the date you want them delivered. This service is great when you want to use the delivery as a birthday present.

An original present

A bouquet from Regiobloemist is always from the highest quality. You can also add a little present to your bouquet of flowers. If one of your friends has his or her birthday, add a surprise chocolate package with it. Next to the chocolate, we have several options to choose from. Our wines are very wanted to add as well. Next to our high quality we have very competitive prices. For every budget we can provide a bouquet. So even with a smaller budget it's an option to order a nice bouquet.