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Delivering your field bouquet

Do you want to have a beautiful field bouquet but don't wanna go out the door? That's possible! Regiobloemist delivers your the most beautiful field bouquets. You don't need to go out yourself but you will always have the most beautiful flowers in your house. A bouquet is available in different sizes. So there will be a bouquet available for every budget. Delivering a field bouquet doesn't take us much time, so you will always receive your flowers quickly when you order at Regiobloemist.

An artificial field bouquet

Not everybody likes to have real flowers in their home. This can be because somebody has an allergy, or a lack of time. Real flowers take time to nurture and they need to be replaced in time. When you are not looking for real flowers but want to bring a nice atmosphere in your home then an artificial field bouquet can be your solution. We offer you several artificial bouquets on our website. Trough our wide experience with real flowers, our artificial bouquets look very real. You can hardly distinguish the artificial bouquets from Regibloemist from each other.

A quick delivery with every order

Nowadays you don't need to leave your house to have a beautiful bouquet of flowers. It is very easy to order it online at Regiobloemist. The ordering is very simple and the delivery cannot be quicker. We will always deliver your flowers at the time that suits you best. You also have the possibility to add a present or little gift at the bouquet. It's great to surprise somebody that way. Through our flexible delivery it's always possible to have the bouquet with your gift to deliver at a different address. Regibloemist puts his customers first and you will notice this!