Bouquets differ from the photo due to availability of the flowers by covid-19. We advise to take a the seasonal bouquet.

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Unfortunately, do you have a funeral for a loved one soon? Or has someone close to you lost a loved one? Then a beautiful bouquet is always comforting. With a bouquet you show that they are thought of. Not all flowers are suitable for a funeral. It's not done to give a too cheerful bouquet to someone. This is why not all flowers are suitable for a funeral bouquet. Some of the flowers are perfect and others not. If you are looking for a funeral bouquet, you can find them here.

Several flowers

Are you arranging the funeral from a loved one yourself? Then you also need to think about a funeral bouquet. Of Course you want it to last a while, so it needs to be of very high quality. At Regiobloemist we feel this is very important. This is why we only offer you our quality flowers, so they last a long period of time.

Beautiful Mourning Bouquets

We have several kinds of mourning bouquets available, for example funeral wreaths or hartshape ones. Also we offer funeral bouquets for condolences. Show your support to others with a funeral bouquet. You can have your mourning bouquet delivered everywhere, for example at someone's house, or the funeral location, maybe at the condolences, wherever you want. You really show your support when someone is going through a difficult time by sending them a comforting bouquet.

Order flowers for a funeral online

You can order your funeral flowers at The Regiobloemist. Always pick a bouquet with suitable colours. Leave all the bright colours in this case behind. We have made a selection for you, so you can easily find the right bouquet for a funeral. Order your bouquet before the funeral, ordered before 2PM, then it will be delivered the same day. You can also pick your own delivery day that suits you, so you are sure your bouquet will be on time.