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60 White Roses

Do you have a special moment that involves flowers? Then white roses are always a good idea. This Avalanche premium rose is a flower you don't want to miss. With its greenish color incorporated in the white petals, this must be a flower that you want to give to a loved one.

greeting card

Now there are always moments when you would like to say something to the recipient when you have flowers delivered. This is what our greeting cards are for. Let us know what you want to say to your great love and we will ensure that your words, together with the beautiful bunch of white roses, are delivered to the recipient.

Extra surprise

In addition to flowers and a card, as Regiobloemist we also offer the possibility to add a small gift. This can be a vase that goes perfectly with the bouquet of roses, or a cute teddy bear. In addition, you could also add a nice bottle of wine to your order to complete it.

The Avalanche premium rose

This flower with a high and wide flower bud belongs to the premium roses. This rose has a longer vase life than many other roses. This beautiful white rose will shine in the living room of a loved one for no less than two weeks.


Because these white roses are sent by the grower, this is done by post. The grower will pack the roses neatly and fresh with his own hands and then send them out. In addition, a track & trace code will be sent when sending. Through this road you can easily follow your bunch of roses and see when they arrive at the recipient.

When will it be delivered?

If you order today before 4 p.m., the recipient will still receive the 60 white roses the next day.

It is important to keep in mind that this is a postal delivery. This may affect delivery during busy periods. The flowers may be slightly delayed due to busy periods.


Your white roses will be personally arranged by one of our local florists and then delivered. This means that the price of the 60 white roses differs from that of the grower. The flowers are delivered personally to the recipient. In this way we make the experience for the recipient even more beautiful.

When will it be delivered?

Your white 60 roses can be delivered today. If you order the roses before 2 p.m. on working days, they will be delivered to the recipient today.

Advice via grower or florist

Our advice regarding the choice between ordering through a grower and a florist is, when it comes to a funeral or a wedding, to have it delivered through the florist. This is partly due to the fact that the roses are sent by post from the grower. Since in this way no form of influence can be exerted by us, there is always the chance that the flowers are delayed.


If you order white roses, you want them to stay beautiful for a long time. After all, it is a declaration of love or a token of support that you want to cherish for a long time. That is why we have listed a few care tips for you, so that the bunch of white roses can be enjoyed as long as possible.

  • Clean a nice vase with a small drop of chlorine.
  • Cut about 2 cm diagonally from the stem of each rose.
  • Fill the vase with clean, fresh water. Make sure the water is lukewarm.
  • With our roses you always receive a bag of chrysal. Sprinkle the contents of the bag in the vase with the water.
  • Stir the water and chrysal together.
  • Then put the roses in the vase and find a nice spot where you can enjoy them extensively.