Next-day delivery? Order before 23:59

Make your surprise complete!

White roses say more than a thousand words, but when a thousand words aren't enough you can always add an extra gift to your purchase. Now the recipient will not only get a beautiful bouquet of pure white roses, thew will also be surprised with a bottle of wine, a delicious chocolate bar or maybe even a teddybear! Whose heart won't be filled with that?


These white roses come directly from the grower. This means that the flowers are freshly packed at the grower and sent to the recipient by post. The flowers receive a track & trace code. This way you can track exactly where your roses are and when they will be delivered. This way you can be sure that your love is transferred well and safely.

When will it be delivered?

If you order today before 4 p.m., your loved one will already have the beautiful bouquet at home the next day. We deliver throughout the Netherlands, so this way your love certainly knows no boundaries.

Due to possible busy periods, it is always possible that your order will be slightly delayed. Keep this in mind when ordering your white roses.


Your white roses will be personally delivered by one of our local florists. As a result, the price differs from the grower's white roses. The flowers are personally handed over to the recipient to make the experience even more beautiful and to surrender the love even better.

When will it be delivered?

Your white roses can be delivered today. If you order on working days before 2 p.m., the flowers will be personally handed over to your loved one today.

Recommendation via grower or florist

We recommend ordering the white roses through the florist when it comes to an order for a wedding or funeral. The florist will always give extra attention and care to the bouquet to ensure that it will be delivered on time. Since the grower is sent by post, this is a process over which we unfortunately have no further influence. This could cause the flowers to be delivered too late.

Care tips

If you order white roses you obviously want them long lasting. After all, it is a declaration of love or a token of support that you want to cherish for a long time. That is why we have listed a few care tips for you, so that the white roses can be enjoyed as long as possible.

  • Get a nice vase and clean it. The best way to clean a vase is with a small drop of chlorine. This prevents the roses from becoming infected with bacteria.
    Cut about 2 cm from the stem of each rose. Make sure to cut the piece diagonally from the stem for best results.
  • Fill the vase with clean, fresh water.
  • With our roses you always receive a bag of chrysal. Sprinkle the contents of this bag in the fresh water.
  • Stir the water and chrysal slightly together.
  • Put the flowers in the vase and enjoy your beautiful white bunch of roses to the fullest.