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Small Houseplants

Would you like to have more plants in your house, but you don't have enough space? Then small houseplants are ideal for you! With small houseplants you can get enough green into your home, because you can put them everywhere. Spread these little houseplants through your house and put them at different spots, so it looks like a whole. You can put the little houseplants everywhere so no space will be lost. Are you curious what kind of small houseplants Regiobloemist has to offer? Take a look at them here!

Combining small houseplants together

The advantage of small house plants is that you can choose several of them, because they take so little space. Are there several plants you like? Combine them all together and take a few so you can enjoy several species and don't need to make a difficult decision.Look at our wide range to inspire yourself and to combine several houseplants together. Of course we are able to help you with it!

Order your small houseplants at Regiobloemist!

Buying small houseplants? Order them right now at Regiobloemist and they will be delivered at your house. Is this plant a gift for somebody else? Fill out a different delivery address and surprise that one with a beautiful small houseplant. Who wouldn't be happy with a pancake plant? Order today before 2PM and we will send it today with or transporters. Your chosen small houseplant is coming your way!

Our tips to take care of your small houseplant

Do you need more information for the most suitable small houseplant in your situation? You are welcome to contact our customer service. We can tell you so much more about our flowers and plants. Our florists will give you also a small card with your delivery with all the do's and don'ts for you to take care of your plant. It will tell you if it's suitable to be in the bright sunlight or maybe it needs to be watered only once a week.