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Product information

This nice little friend is called a spider plant or grass lily in Dutch. His breeding name is Chlorophytum. The grass lily as we call it is an easy plant for young and old. It can be placed as a nice plant in the living room, office, bedroom or even as a hanging plant in the bathroom.

The spider plant is approximately 20 cm high when delivered and comes in the grower's pot with a diameter of 12 cm. The plant loves love water, so watering twice a week is fine. But because it's so easy, it's not a disaster if you forget it once.

The grass lily is highly air-purifying, so it fits almost anywhere. Click on order to buy the grass lily. You can also order a matching pot on the next page.

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This product comes directly from the grower and is packed and shipped in a special unique packaging and delivered by a carrier DHL with a Track & trace. We go for the best quality and the best service; experience it yourself.

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Many products like plants have a fixed size as stated in the description. Bouquets are often available in: small (size of 20-25 cm), regular (size of 25-30 cm) and large (size of 30-35 cm).

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