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Bathroom Plants

Are you looking for plants in your bathroom? These will make, besides your living room, kitchen and bathroom, your bathroom a lot cozier. Most of the time you have not much light in your bathroom and it's very moist. Unfortunately that's not a good environment for a lot of plants. To help you make the right choices you will find a lot of plants that are suitable to put in your bathroom. Take a look at our wide range.

Plants in your bathroom

Surrounded by green can be very relaxing, it helps to clear the air and creates a great atmosphere. Maybe you already have plants in your living room and bedroom, but don't forget your bathroom. Plants will turn every bathroom into a luxury wellness spa. The bathroom is the perfect environment for ferns and air plants. With plants in your bathroom you will start and end your day very relaxing.

Proper plant care

The plants in your bathroom need to be resistant against shadow, high temperatures and high humidity. Through these circumstances plants that grow in moist surroundings are ideal for the bathroom. Of course taking good care of them is also a must. Always make sure they get enough water. When you open your window in the bathroom in wintertime, it's wise to replace them. They cannot stand the cold air.

Ordering plants at Regiobloemist

Did you find your plants for the bathroom? Place your order in 3 easy steps. When you order before 2PM daily, your order will be send the same day. This is always done by Regiobloemist itself. Placed your order after 2PM? Then we will send your order the next day. This is still very quick. So you never need to wait long before you can decorate your bathroom with your new ordered plants. Of course you can decorate your bathroom with a beautiful bouquet of flowers too.


Are you having trouble by ordering or do you have any questions over the care for your bathroom plants? Don't hesitate to contact our plant specialists. You can contact them through the contact form. Leave the ordering number if you received any, then we can help you even quicker.