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Deliver 50 Red Roses

There is nothing more romantic than red roses. This fairytale love flower is the perfect gift for the person you love dearly. Do you really want to surprise your loved one? Then order 50 red roses! Did you know that the amount of roses you give to someone affects the meaning? For example, 50 red roses stand for unconditional love. Fun fact to write on your greeting card. This way you will not only surprise your loved one with a beautiful bunch of flowers, but also with a personal touch. And if even this show the love you have for this person enough, you can always go for the 100 roses. You can't do wrong with that.

The meaning of 50 red roses?

Red roses are the nicest and easiest gift to give to your loved one for any occasion. Has anyone close to you turned 50? Surprise him or her with a beautiful bunch of roses. One rose per year of life! Have you been married for 50 years? There is nothing more beautiful than to show your unconditional love through this beautiful bouquet.

Getting red roses is always an enormous experience, and you wish such an experience to everyone, right? Whether it's for a birth, a wedding or a birthday. Red roses are always a good idea.

50 red roses and a greeting card

Make your love even more apparent and your gift even more personal by adding a greeting card. This way you don't just make the recipient blush because of the flowers, but also because of your beautiful words. This way you make this special moment even more special.

Red Naomi

These Red Naomi roses that we sell are the most grown roses in the Netherlands. These roses are known for their large-flowered shape and beautiful deep red color.

50 red roses through the grower

These red red roses come directly from the grower. This means that the flowers are freshly packed at the grower and sent by post to the person you want to surprise. The flowers receive a special track & trace code. This way you can follow exactly where your beautiful bunch of roses are and when they will be delivered to the recipient. This way you can be sure that your love is transferred well and safely.

When will it be delivered?

If you order today before 4 p.m., your loved one will have this beautiful bouquet at home the next day. We deliver throughout the Netherlands, so no place is too far to deliver your love.

Due to possible busy periods, such as Mother's Day or Valentine's Day, it is always possible that your order may be delayed. This is an important point to keep in mind when ordering flowers.

50 red roses through the florist

Your beautiful bouquet will be personally delivered by one of our local florists. As a result, there is a difference in the price than that of the grower's 50 red roses. The flowers are personally handed over to the lucky person to make the experience even more beautiful and to be able to convey the love even better. Do you want to order 50 red roses for a good price, order directly form the grower!

When will it be delivered?

Your love bouquet can be delivered today. If you order before 2 p.m. on working days, the flowers will be personally delivered to your dear recipient at the door today. Ordering flowers too late is now a thing of the past!

Care of 50 red roses

When you order 50 red roses, you naturally want them to be taken care of as well as possible. After all, it is a declaration of love that you want to carry with you for a long time. That is why we have listed a few care tips for you, so that your loved one can look at that beautiful forest with a smile for as long as possible.

  • Provide a nice clean vase. The vase is best cleaned with a drop of chlorine. As a result, bacteria have less chance of contaminating the flowers.
  • It is important to cut about 2 cm from the stem of each rose at an angle.
  • Roses like fresh lukewarm water the most. Put this in the clean vase..
  • We will always add a bag of chrysal to the roses. Put this in the fresh water.
  • Stir the water and chrysal slightly together.
  • Put the flowers in the vase and this way you can enjoy the roses for an extra long time.