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The place where you put the plant has a lot of influence on the wellbeing of the plant. Not every plant can stand direct sunlight. Do you have a window located on the south side where you want to put plants at the window sills? Be aware that they are suited for the full-sun. To make it easier for you we have made a selection of all full-sun plants. So you are certain that you choose the right plant!

Plants in the window sills

Every plant needs sunlight, but one needs more as the other. A window sill is a very difficult place for houseplants. There is much light and most of the time there is also a central heater installed under them from where the hot air rises. It will turn into a little dessert when they also catch the sunlight. Not every plant is suitable for these circumstances. Select a full-sun plant for these places. Each houseplant has an indication where they bloom best. Think about half shade or a full-sunplace.

Full-sun plant care

The specific care of the plant may vary. We advise you to read the product info about the plants carefully. Here you will find all the right information about them. Most of the time a full-sun plant will drink more water as a plant that's in the shade. A houseplant in the full-sun needs more attention and care. Do you have any doubts about the care of your plants? Don't hesitate to contact our plant specialists for the right information and care.

Ordering plants online

Are you looking for a nice plant to put at your window sills? Order a plant that's suited for full-sun at Regiobloemist. With us you never have to wait long until you receive your new purchase. When you place your order before 2PM on a working day, it will be sent the same day. This is very quick, during weekends it may take a little longer, because deliveries start again on Monday.


Would you like to have more information about plants suitable for full-sun before you order? Then contact our plant specialists. You can contact them through the contact form. Our staff members can tell you all about our plants suited for the full-sun. If you have received an order number then send it together with your questions so we can give you the proper customer service.