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Buying tulips

Tulips are seasonal flowers so only available for a limited time. Generally they are available in the first months of the year. Great to buy them for yourself, but even better to give them as a present. For a birthday, to wish somebody well or for no reason at all: There is always a suitable occasion for giving tulips. Do you choose yellow, red, white, purple or orange? The choice is huge!

Add a card

Would you like to surprise someone with a beautiful bouquet of flowers? Then we advise you to add a card to your order. You can write a nice wish on it, so the receiver will be even more surprised and they also know who has sended the tulips. Think carefully about the message you want to write on the card.

Add another present

Next to the fact that you can add a card to your tulips, you can even add another extra gift. From a chocolate box to a bottle of wine, or even a balloon: there are so many possibilities. Do you know already how you are gonna surprise your receiver?

Top Quality Tulips

The flowers you will buy with us will always be freshly delivered. We offer a fresh guarantee from seven days. So you can always be sure that the tulips will look good in your vase.

Order now your tulips online

Quickly take a look at our wide range of tulips we offer and place your order. Did you lace your order yet? We will do anything in our power to send you tulips as quick as possible. So you can be sure that you or the one you want to surprise will receive the tulips in their house in an instant!