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Typical winter flowers

Sometimes in winter we can be inside for many hours, therefore its very important your interior looks atmospheric and warm. Flowers, especially the beautiful winter flowers can contribute to this. At Regiobloemist we sell a number of typical winter flowers. An example of a flower you can order with us are the tulips. But we also have the most beautiful daisies for you. Regiobloemist is your partner for the warm months, but we are there also in the colder days.

Keeping your flowers fresh

When you order flowers, you want them to stay as fresh as possible. Because we are experts on flowers, we can really advise you in this. A number of small tips are that you can make sure your flowers will stay fresh longer. The use of a good vase is very important.. Choose a vase of glass that will fit the size of the flowers. You need to full the vase for the half with water, so they will get enough water. And you can easily check how much water is in it. Besides the vase it's advisable to mix the fresh water with the vitamins you have received when flowers were delivered, so the flowers can benefit from that. It's of the most important that when you receive the flowers you need to cut them a few cm from the stalk. Thanks to all these tips, the flowers from Regiobloemist stay fresh much longer.

Ordering is very simple

At Regiobloemist it is very easy to place an order, you go very easy through the ordering process, in the menu, it all speaks for itself. Next to the ordering, we also take care for a quick delivery from your order. When you order a beautiful bouquet today, it will be delivered the next day!