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Separate roses

Do you want to surprise your partner with a flower but you don't fancy a complete bouquet of different flowers? Then order some separate loose roses at Regiobloemist! Separate roses have a great advantage, you can decide how much je wanna give away, 1, 5, 7, 10, 50, 65, 70, 80 or 100: you choose, all good with us! Look at the different options and surprise your loved one today!

Different sizes

Regiobloemist offers different sizes of bouquets. Did your partner struggle with some issues and do you wanna give a little boost? Then these size roses is very suited. This bouquet is only 30 cm long, so the gesture is not exaggerated. Can your loved one blow some candles? A normal gift in combination with a middle sized bouquet shall be highly appreciated.

Has your daughter passed her exam or did she sign her first contract? Surprise her with a large bouquet of roses with a length of 60 à 70 centimeter. There is always something to celebrate!

How many roses can i order in a bouquet?

Regiobloemist has a minimum of 10 roses in this bouquet. What amount or roses you want in a bouquet you can choose yourself. The average customer orders 50 long red roses. Except the height and the number you can also pick your own colour you want to be delivered. Red roses are a wanted choice but also other colours like white or pink are often sold over the virtual counter!

Order at Regiobloemist

Placing an order at Regiobloemist is very easy and simple. Sometimes the giving of a bouquet needs to be sudden, so we have created a special service. We always deliver on time and our roses always arrive fresh. On every bouquet of roses we have a 7 day fresh guarantee.