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The Amaryllis is for many people a very well known plant and they have them regularly in their house. People buy them theirselves or receive the bulb as a gift. It's the ideal plant because if you take good care of them they will last a long time. It's even possible that it will survive the winter. Its of the most importance that you buy the bulb at the right supplier. Regiobloemist is the best party to buy your amaryllis bulbs. We only work with the best suppliers and our customers always come back!

Amaryllis flowers are available at the moment. The season for Amaryllis is around Christmas and the beginning of the new year.

Quick delivery

When you order a new flower, you don't want to wait too long for that. You also don't want to go through too much trouble during the ordering process. Because of our big stock we can provide you quickly from the best amaryllis. It's possible after ordering to have your plant already delivered the next day. If the date is not convenient for you we can deliver when it suits your best. Besides the quick delivery, ordering is very simple to do online on our website. This is because our site is very users friendly. If you are looking for the most beautiful amaryllis bulb order this one then at Regiobloemist!

Taking care of your Amaryllis

Taking care of your Amaryllis is very simple. You only need to think about what's the best place to put him in your house. The species is very fond of warmth, so it's wise to put it close to the heathing. Through the warmth the plant will produce its roots quicker, so your flower will also bloom earlier and will be beautiful. For watering it, it's very important that the soil stays moist. Check it regularly, because when the Amaryllis is blooming it needs much watering.

Buying your Amaryllis

A lot of people who have bought an amaryllis, did this because the plant looks great and it's so easy to take care of. At Regiobloemist we can help you to choose your favorite amaryllis. Don't doubt any longer and order your amaryllis bulb with us!