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Bloemenkamer Lienden in Lienden

General Information

At Bloemenkamer Lienden you are always at the right place for beautiful flowers and plants. They deliver to Regiobloemist in and around Lienden and beyond

So if you want flowers delivered, look no further and choose Bloemenkamer Lienden as your delivery florist.

You are then assured of quality and good care

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08:00 - 18:00
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Bloemenkamer Lienden

Verbrughweg 40
4033 GP Lienden

Company history

Have you received a beautiful bouquet? With these tips and a little extra care and love on your part, they will last even longer. Cut them diagonally extra and do not place them in ice cold, but in lukewarm water. This gives them an extra boost. And if there is any leaf in the water, remove it. As a result, bacteria are less likely to develop vision. Region Florist wishes you a lot of pleasure with your bouquet!