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Agaaf bloemen in Renswoude

General Information

Bloembinderij De Agave from Renswoude provides the region with flowers, plants, vases and pots. So would you like to have flowers delivered to Renswoude or Scherpenzeel? Then you are certainly in the right place at Bloembinderij de Agave.

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09:00 - 18:00
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Agaaf bloemen

Dorpsplein 16
3927WC Renswoude

Company history

It was a festive event, the opening of De Agave florist in the new village heart of Renswoude in 2015. The second shop that opened its doors to the public. For weeks were worked hard by family and friends to decorate the new flower shop and father Ab Leijenhorst and father-in-law Jan Willemse had a lot of hours together with others, all for nothing because the result is just wonderfull.

Owner Marjolein Willemsen-Leijenhorst, who has been active in flowers, plants and pottery for almost ten years, this was a milestone. ,, At a certain moment you come to the point where you wonder what do I do, I continue or stop. Then came this opportunity, a new challenge and I have seized it and now again with new energy against it.

Extra information

Flowers, plants and potterie store