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Bloemenboetiek De Vlijtige Lies in Akkrum

General Information

Flower shop "De Vlijtige Lies" in Akkrum has been taking care of your flower arrangements in Akkrum and the surrounding area since 1992. With their creativity, quality and service they build good contact with their customers.
They take care of, among other things, bouquets, mourning pieces, wedding bouquets and (counter) flower arrangements and you are also at the right address for nice gift items and pots. We are happy to deliver your chosen bouquets via Regiobloemist in Akkrum and the surrounding area, choose us as your regular florist.

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08:30 - 18:00
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Bloemenboetiek De Vlijtige Lies

Buorren 26
8491CA Akkrum

Extra information

Have you received flowers? With a little extra care and love on your part, they will last even longer. Cut them off at an extra angle and do not place them in ice cold, but in lukewarm water. This gives them an extra boost. And if leaves are hanging in the water, remove them. As a result, bacteria are less likely to develop vision. Region Florist wishes you a lot of pleasure with your bouquet!