Bouquets differ from the photo due to availability of the flowers by covid-19. We advise to take a the seasonal bouquet.

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A seasonal bouquet every two weeks

A seasonal bouquet every two weeks
Automatically send a beautiful seasonal bouquet every 2 weeks to grandma / grandpa, friends, other family members or to yourself. A super nice surprise every two weeks.

The flowers are well packaged, shipped on water and delivered by DHL . The flowers stay fresh for a long time because they come directly from the land from Dutch growers.

Ordering is easy:
Step 1 - Now choose your desired format
Step 2 - Choose number of months (default 6)

Then simply complete your order, possibly adding a vase with the first delivery, and follow the steps during the order.

Price includes shipping and is for 4 weeks (so 2 deliveries).
This product will by delivered by mail. Price excludes € 0,00 delivery- and ordercosts.