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The best flowers on a holiday or special day

A holiday will always bring a great ambiance. Something that will refresh the surroundings, like a fresh bouquet of flowers. A bouquet from Regiobloemist can be used at almost every occasion. We only have the best flowers and you can choose within our wide range for several kinds of bouquets with us. Our customer is always number 1 and that shows.

Always fresh flowers

When you order your flowers, you want them to arrive fresh. We as Regiobloemist understand that. This is why we give you our special 7 days fresh guarantee. This means that you will always have a fresh guarantee of 7 days. This means that your ordered bouquet needs to stay presentable for at least 7 days. So you can even enjoy them after your holidays.

We deliver on holidays

Often if you order something during the holiday season there are always problems with the delivery. Because we think this is very important to us you will always receive your flowers on time. So you are sure that because of our service you will always have your fresh flowers on time. You can always count on Regiobloemist.