Bouquet Gabrielle

A beautiful field bouquet in white and purple

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Product information


A beautiful picking bouquet with white and purple flowers and greenery.This beautiful color combination makes it a special gift for everyone. Flowers are a natural product and may differ in type and colour. The florist will use fresh seasonal flowers to create a beautiful picking bouquet.

How does it work?

The local florist will do their best to recreate the bouquet as shown in the photo, using the most beautiful seasonal flowers they have in the shop. Due to the season, the florist may not have all the flowers in stock. Every day there is a fresh supply of seasonal flowers in the florist's shop. This makes each bouquet beautiful and unique. The florist will put together an amazing bouquet in the white and purple colors and deliver it personally to the recipient.


  • For best results, use a clean glass vase that is suitable for the size of the bouquet. With a transparent vase you can keep a close eye on the water level.
  • Cut the stems of the flowers about 2-4 cm diagonally with a clean and sharp knife. This way the stems can absorb water well and the bouquet can last longer.
  • Remove packing material and excess leaves from the underside of the stems and add flower food to the water.
  • Do not place the bouquet too close to a heat source, not in direct sunlight and preferably not next to fruit. The gas released from fruit makes flowers wilt faster.
Is what you see what you get?

Flowers are a natural product, so the flowers can be slightly different. In case the flowers are not in stock the florist will make the same bouquet with available flowers. A vase on the photo is not included in the price by default, you can order a vase on the next page when available.

Which size should I choose?

We offer most products in three different sizes: small means an average size of 20-25 cm; medium means an average size of 25-30 cm and large means 30-35 cm.

When will it be delivered?

This product can be delivered today! Order before 12:00, have it delivered the same day throughout the Netherlands.


Prices are including 9% VAT and excluding only € 6,95 delivery- and ordercosts. If you choose to pay by invoice, invoice costs will be added.

Flowers are a natural product

It is possible that the flowers we deliver deviate from the photo. This can be caused by lack of availability of certain types of flowers. It can also occur that our florist uses different colors, because the requested color is not available. The florist will always try to make a bouquet which closely resembles this product. If you have any wishes regarding the color, please communicate them to the florist by writing them in the "Note to florist" field during checkout.