Monstera delicioca

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Monstera delicioca. This amazing beautiful green houseplant with its beautiful large leaves with holes in it. This plant is called Monstera or because of its leaves also called hole plant. Incidentally, this plant has younger leaves on delivery and the holes will appear later.

Pot not included. Add a matching pot to your order on the next page.

The Monstera has a height of 50 cm on delivery and is put up in a nursery pot with a diameter of 14 cm. The monstera is an easy plant and likes both shade and partial shade. Many monsteras are placed in the bathroom, bedroom and living room.

In the summer you can water the monstera as soon as the soil starts to feel dry. In winter you can just water it every week. You can also order a matching pot on the next page. Click on order to buy the Monstera.