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Bloemboetiek Gebr. Bragt in 's-Hertogenbosch

General Information

You have come to the right place to order, deliver and send your flowers. Because of our daily supply, we can offer you a large assortment of various types of flowers.
With us, the customer comes first. Our qualified employees take great care of every order.
The delivery service drives its orders twice a day.

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09:00 - 20:00
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Bloemboetiek Gebr. Bragt

Pettelaarsweg 313
NL-5216 BM 's-Hertogenbosch

Company history

Bloemenboetiek Bragt was opened in 1989. We started as a kiosk in a supermarket.
We have now grown into a real flower shop of great size.
Quality is our priority.

Extra information

We take great care of every bouquet. However, when you receive a beautiful bouquet, it is best to cut the stems well again so that the flowers absorb water well and you will enjoy it very much. Adding a bag of flower food to the water often gives good results.