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Number of months twice a month a bouquet

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Number of months twice a month a bouquet
Receive a nice fresh seasonal bouquet / field bouquet in the chosen format twice a month. The seasonal bouquet can be delivered in a matching vase (choose the vase on the next page).

The flowers are delivered to the recipient on your chosen day (twice a month). The price of the subscription includes delivery, seasonal flowers. We do NOT charge any administration fees today.

The images serve as an illustration of a seasonal bouquet. We have chosen at least 6 months as a start subscription (hence the number is 6).
This product will be delivered by a local florist. Price excludes € 0,00 delivery- and ordercosts.
Is what you see what you get?

Flowers are a natural product, so the flowers can be slightly different. In case the flowers are not in stock we will contact you.

Which size should I choose?

We offer most products in three different sizes: small means an average size of 20-25 cm; medium means an average size of 25-30 cm and large means 30-35 cm.

When will it be delivered?

This product can be delivered on Friday! Order before 23:59, have it delivered on Friday throughout the Netherlands.


Prices are including 9% VAT and excluding only € 0,00 delivery- and ordercosts. If you choose to pay by invoice, invoice costs will be added.

Flowers are a natural product

It is possible that the flowers we deliver deviate from the photo. This can be caused by lack of availability of certain types of flowers. It can also occur that our florist uses different colors, because the requested color is not available. The florist will always try to make a bouquet which closely resembles this product. If you have any wishes regarding the color, please communicate them to the florist by writing them in the "Note to florist" field during checkout.